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One of a kind
The milky-blue water
100% Natural hot spring

Welcome to the Waita hot spring resort village Oguni-machi Aso-gun, Kumamoto.

Hourei Inn is located on the majestic Waita mountain
with Natural Hourei hot spring, a great view of the vast landscape, and affordable price.
The perfect destination for a wonderful trip with friends and family.
Also suitable for one day trip to the Charming Inn

Hourei Inn 3 Main Attractions

Attraction 1
Choose to spend night(s) or one day trip
for Natural hot spring with milky-blue water


Hourei Inn have a proud of natural milky-blue hot spring.
100% Natural hot springoffers a fresh, lively direct spring flow.
During your road trip or touring, you must to stop by and enjoy a wonderful experience.
※We do not accept the reservation for family baths
by phone call or email

About Hot Spring
About Hot Spring
Attraction 2
98.7℃Steamed into delicious ingredients

For tasty Hell-Steamed Cuisine

Jigoku Mushi

The Hourei’s specialty - Hell-Steamed Cuisine(Jigoku Mushi). You can bring your own ingredients or purchase meat and vegetables from our Shop. They’ll become perfect delicious after steamed.
By the time you get out from hot spring bath, and come enjoy the delicious Hell-Steamed Cuisine.

About Hell-Steamed
About Hell-Steamed
Attraction 3
Choose from a variety of Rooms
Based on your Demands

Special Room

Japanese-Western Mixed-Style Room

Western-Style Room


From double room to group room that hosts up to 8 people. We offer all types of rooms. Enjoy a cozy hot spring trip with family and friends.

About Guest Room

Accommodation style of Hourei Inn


No matter you are seniors or touring group,
we have all kinds of suggestion plans that will provide you the most wonderful experience.

About Sightseeing

A Hot Spring town facing Mt. Waita

Sightseeing & Access

Surrounded by mountains,
Hourei Inn boasts abundant natural resources.
All sorts of charming attractions
Within a 30km radius.

How to Get Here
About How to Get Here