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Hell-Steamed cuisine

Cooking with steam of 98.7℃.

The Hell Stoves are opened for use, free of charge, to all the customers of the Inn and Hot Spring
Welcome to bring your own ingredients. Many visitors like to put all the ingredients into the stove before heading to the hot spring,
so they may enjoy a freshly-cooked meal after coming out of the bath. Relish the magnificent view of Mt. Waita and taste your steam-cooked meal at the same time.

What is Hell-Steamed(Jigoku mushi)cuisine?

Hell-Steamed is a cooking method that’s unique to hot spring resort. Using the steam of hot springto cook ingredients

The method of using the heat of Hot Spring steam for cooking is called Jigoku mushi (“Hell-Steamed”). The steam of hot spring not only lock in the delicious taste of the ingredients, but also eliminate excessive grease. It’s both tasty and healthy. Please make sure to come have a bite of Hell-Steamed, only available at hot spring resort.

Hell-Steamed cuisine at Hourei

Simply put ingredients into the Stove.Enjoy the Bath of Hot Spring. Go!!

Each food ingredient requires different cooking time. However, as long as you put the food ingredients into a special steaming basket, you may wait leisurely aside for them to finish cooking on their own.
Hell-Steamed brings out the innermost savoriness of all ingredients. Even with the simplest seasoning, you would enjoy the best taste ever.

Saussage and chicken wings
both extremely delicious!

After thoroughly bathing in the hot spring, you will find the food ingredients you put into the Hell Stove beforehand are almost done cooking. Enjoying Hell-Steamed in nature is truly an exquisite experience.
We recommend you to season your food with only salt or ponzu (Citrus Vinegar).
Are you interested in baking sweet potatoes? Simply use the Hell Stove. Easy peasy! During the cold seasons, nothing brings more comfort than steaming-hot sweet potatoes!

Reccomended Cooking Time

Steam Cooking Area

At Steam Cooking Area with roof you could enjoy the surrounding scenery and tasty a meal at the same time

The sizzling sun in the summer or a light drizzle won’t disturb your enjoyment.
Even if the weather is not perfect, you can still experience a nice outdoor meal on our bench and table area under the roof.


Don’t worry about coming without bringing any food! In our shop, you can purchase ingredients.

The Shop sells local ingredients for Hell-Steamed, for example, Shichifuku Misou originated from Oguni, Soy sauce, Dussel German saussage, Ramune Soda, Yogurt made from the milk of Oguni Jersey cattles, etc.