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Hot Spring

You may choose to stay overnight or visit our milky-blue Hot Spring on a day trip

Our proud milky-blue hot spring is 100% natural and fresh, flowing directly from the source. Feel free to enjoy Gensenkakenagashi (N.B. A type of hot spring that springs incessantly from underground and without recycled.)
Welcome to enjoy our hot spring when you’re driving by or visiting attractions nearby.

About Hourei Hot Spring

100% Natural Hot Spring
Bright milky-blue spring water
Perfect Hot Spring for moisture beauty skin.

The hot spring water at Hourei no Yado (Hourei Inn) is beautiful milky-blue. Among all the hot spring in this area, the milky-blue water is unique of Hourei Inn.
This is because the hot spring around Hourei contains more moisturizing ingredient, and silicic acid, which brings forth skin-care effect after bathing.

Outdoor Public Bath-Male bath / Female bath-

Our public bath is with a wild atmosphere, located at a perfect place for overlooking Mt. Waita.
Taking in the everchanging, natural scenery around you while bathing in the hot spring is an amazing and mind-opening experience.
We provide shampoo and soap in our public bath.
Hot water is completely replaced without recycled.
Charged Fee 500 Yen
Open time 8AM-7PM

Family Bath

Hinoki Bath -Hinoki Outdoor Family Bath-

Surrounded by the fragrance of hinoki (Japanese cypress), you may bask in the serene happiness and enjoy the majestic view of Mt. Waita in close proximity.
Hot water is completely replaced without recycled.
Charged Fee 1,500 Yen /1hr
Open time 8AM -7PM
Bath Rooms 5 Rooms

Rock Bath -Outdoor Family Bath-

Liberating open bath with roof and no walls
Hot water is completely replaced without recycled.
Charged Fee 1,200 Yen /1hr
Open time 24 hours
Bath Rooms 6 Rooms

Rock Bath -Indoor Rock Bath Family Bath-

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the window.
Hot water is completely replaced without recycled.
Charged Fee 1,000 Yen /1hr
Open time 24 hours
Bath Rooms 6 Rooms

Changing Room

Warm wooden changing room with washstand.

Free Lounge

After your bath, enjoy the free lounge for relaxation.
Open time / 8AM-6PM

Hot Spring Information

Name of Hot Spring Hage Hot Spring(Hage no yu), Hourei Hot Spring(Hourei no yu)
Hot spring water quality Natrium-Chloride Hot Spring
Effects Beautifying skin/Improving cuts,burns,chronic skin deseases,cold feet and hands/Eliminating Body tiredness
Charged Fee Outdoor Public Bath: 500 Yen
Family Bath (Outdoor Hinoki Bath):1,500 Yen/1hr
Family Bath (Outdoor Rock Bath):1,200 Yen/1hr
Family Bath (Indoor Rock Bath):1,000 Yen/1hr
※We also charge the guests, who are staying at the Inn, for using Family Bath.
Open time Outdoor Public Bath, Family Bath (Outdoor Hinoki Bath)/8AM -7PM
Family Bath (Outdoor Rock Bath and Indoor Rock Bath)/24 hours
※For the guest of the Inn, the Bath only opens until 11PM, since the door closes at 11PM
Friendly reminder ・For the Family Baths, only provide soap. Please pick up shampoo from the lobby before going into the baths.
 (We provide both soap and shampoo for the Outdoor Public Bath.)
・If you forgot to bring towels with you, we sell washcloths (200 Yen each) and towels (400 Yen each) at the lobby.
・Due to the hot spring water quality, your hair may become a bit coarse after bath.
 We recommend you to bring hair conditioner or hair-care products during bath.
※We do not accept any reservation by phone or email regarding all of our Family Baths.