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Q & A

The list of the most commonly asked questions

We listed out the most common questions by our customers. Please read this page before asking any questions.
If you have any question that is not listed on this page, you’re welcome to ask us.

About the Hourei Inn

What is the opening time?

From 8AM to 7PM (Public Bath)


Do you have any closing day?

The Inn does not have any particular closing dates, but we might close due to maintainence.


About the Bath and Equipments

Can we reserve the family bath?

We don’t accept reservation for the family bath.


Do you provide towels, hair dryers, or shampoo?

We provide hair dryers and shampoo for free of charge.
You can rent towels during day time, but we do not provide service during night time. Please bring you own towel during night time.


About the Steam Stove

Can I use the steam stove if I am not staying at the Inn?

The stoves are for the customers who use Hot Spring Bath only.


May I use the steam stove at night?

Yes, you can. But there are no lights in the Steam Cooking Area, please be careful when attempts to cook.


Other Questions

May I change coins at night?

Please bring your own coins, or you may buy beverages from the vending machine to acquire changes.


Can I sleep in my Camper Van?

Yes, you can. However, we do not have a camping area in parking lot. Therefore, it is prohibited to use fire.