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Sightseeing Advice

The Trip to Hourei Inn

100% natural hot spring with impressive, milky-blue spring water flowing from underground, steam-cooked cuisine by the Hell Stove, hot steam and smoke everywhere on the mountain.
Travelers may use the atmospheric Hourei Inn as a starting point, journeying to nearby tourist attractions such as Aso, Hita, or Yufuin, etc. and enjoying a trip that heals both your body and mind.

Traveling Plan for Seniors

Traveling Plan for College Student Groups

Day 1

11:00 Soba street, Oguni, Kumamoto

The soba noodles is made by the clear and sharp-tasting water of Oguni, Aso.
It is absolutely delicious.

As there are Soba growing everywhere in Aso, at Ogunigo (Oguni County), you can find many soba noodle restaurants, each of their own individual style. You might want to visit the famous “Soba Street” to taste and compare the quality soba noodles made by each restaurants. The area is well-known for delicious soba noodles and defintely worth a visit!

13:15  Sightseeing around Oguni and Aso

Recommended Traveling Plan for Seniors!

13:15  Visiting 3 Shinto Shrines in Oguni

(Oguniryou Shrine, Kagamikeike Shrine, Keyaki Sprinhead Shrine)

Visting the three lucky spots
a wish of good fortune or winning lottery!

Legend has it that if you pray at the Oguni ryoujinnjya shrine, and to the Water God of Keyaki Springhead and God Ebisu at Kagamikeike. It will bring good luck and fortune. If you use the pamphlet provided at the shrine to collect three stamps from each shrine, you can exchange them for fukusen (the coin of fortune). We also recommend visiting the shops and deli along the way.

Recommended Traveling Plan for College Student Groups!

13:15  Nabegataki Waterfall

Take in the spectacular scenery by the water, bath in negative ions.Enjoy a moment of peace.

Nabegataki Waterfall is 20 meters wide and 10 meters high. Although rather small for a waterfall, it is famous for the reflective, curtain-like flow. It often appears in the advertisement. Not only you can view the waterfall from the outside, but also look out from the inside of the waterfall. And that’s how it got its nickname Uraminotaki (means “the waterfall to be seen from the inside”)

15:00  Checking In

Our Inn is located right on Mt. Waita, which was nicknamed “Mt. Fuji of Oguni”. It feels truly like a hidden gem. Not only you can enjoy the fresh, milky-blue hot spring here, but also can experience the one-of-a-kind and economical jigoku mushi, which is steam-cooked by the same geothermal energy that created the hot spring here. We provide the equipments for jigoku mushi and dining area for free, wonderful for staying multiple days on your spa trip.

15:10  Guest Rooms

Recommended Guest Room for Seniors!

Japanese-Western Style Room

Our 8-tatami (12.96㎡) Mixed-Style rooms are equipped with Western style bed, perfect for senior visitors. Using a Western style bed could reduce the stress on legs and knees. Let the quiet tatami room bring you a sense of peacefulness and relax.

Recommended Guest Room for College Student Groups!

Special Room, Japanese-Style Room

The Special Japanese-Style Rooms is perfect for hosting groups of college students. The room is spacious and bright. Let us put our electronic devices, such as smartphone and TV aside, step away from our busy life for a moment, and enjoy a good restful time.

About Guest Rooms

16:00  Steam Cooking Area - Dessert Time

Gazing out at the magnificent scenery
while eating hot desserts

After resting in the room for a bit, you may head over to the Steam Cooking Area, put sweet potatoes or eggs into the Hell Stove. There are tables and benches available at the Steam Cooking Area. After the desserts are thoroughly cooked, enjoy the freshly cooked sweet potatoes or buttered potatoes while it’s steaming hot. You can taste the delicious, homely dessert and gaze at the beautiful mountain view at the same time.

About Hell-Steamed

17:45  Steam Cooking Area - Preparing Dinner

Cooking dinner with the Hell Stove, which will effectively lock
all the deliciousness inside the ingredients.

Don’t forget to head to the Steam Cooking Area before you take bath in the Hot Spring, and put all the pork, chicken wings, scallops, squids, cabbages, pumpkins, a basket. Then put basket into the Hell Stove, which will allow you to enjoy a fresh dinner right after you come out of the Hot Spring.

18:00  Hot Spring at Outdoor Public Bath

Enjoy the hot spring at our Outdoor Public Bath flows incessantly from a mysterious origin.

The ceaseless, natural flowing water in Outdoor Public Bath are the milky-blue Natrium-Chloride Hot Spring. Dipping in the bath, you may lift up your eyes and take in the splendid view of Mt. Waita. The hot spring is rich of moisturising Natrium-chloride. Please enjoy the wonderful hot spring and the beautiful view of Mt. Satoyama.

About Public Bath

19:00  Dinner

The unique cooking style brings out the innermost deliciousness of the ingredients.
Please enjoy Hell-Steamed Cuisine

After bathing in the hot spring, you may come back to Steam Cooking Area. Hell-Steamed would have already finished cooking. And you may add merely a little bit of ponzu (citrus sauce) or salt for extra seasoning. You’re welcome to bring your own ingredients. We also sell fresh ingredients in our Shop at the Inn. You could still enjoy a fresh delicious meal even if you came to the Inn without bringing any groceries.


Our specialty, Hell-Steamed Cuisine, which uses hot steam of 98.7 ℃ to quickly cook the ingredients. It eliminates excessive grease and enhances the original taste of the food. You can cook meat, seafood, vegetables, mushroooms, even desserts like pudding with the method of Hell-Steamed.

20:00  Guest Room

Relaxing in your cozy room

After dinner, go back to your cozy room, chat with your companions about all the interesting moments from your trip, and discuss the traveling plan tomorrow. Enjoy a moment of leisure before going to bed.

Day 2

7:00  Steam Cooking Area - Making Breakfast

Put the breakfast ingredients, such as bread, vegetable, egg, etc., into the Hell Stove, and you may head off to the Hot Spring and enjoy your morning bath.

7:15 Hot Spring bath - Private Bath

Enjoy the fresh natural Hot Spring and the beautiful mountain view all by yourself

Family Bath allows you to take in the magnificence of Mt. Waita and the reflection of morning sun on the water. The main attraction of Family Bath is that the water are always renewed without recycled after being used by each group of customers. So you may enjoy the freshest water, the luxury of excellent hot spring and wonderful mountain view all on your own.


We have 17 sets of Privated Hot Spring baths including Outdoor Hinoki Bath with roof that looks out to the beautiful scenery, Outdoor and Indoor Rock Bath. The fee rate for Privated Bathhouse runs on a meter. Our Family Bath is opened 24/7 with constantly fresh hot spring water.

About Privated Bath

8:00  Breakfast

Hell-Steamed Cuisine is as the main dish
It’s warm and healthy Breakfast

No matter it’s bread, pizza, Vienna saussage, bacon, egg, broccoli, or cabbage, as long as you use our Hell Stove, you would be able to cook a luxurious and healthy breakfast easily. You can even cook pudding after your meal. This is a one of a kind Hell-Steamed dessert only available at hot spring inns.

9:00 Checking Out

Recommended for Seniors

Sightseeing in Hita

Recommended for College Student Groups

Sightseeing in Yufuin

Recommended for Seniors

Hita Sightseeing

10:00 Cruising Mamedamachi

Strolling through the historical Hita town of from Tenryō times. (N.B. Tenryō means the district was directly ruled by Edo Shogunate.)

Hita City, located at the northwest of Ōita Prefecture, used to be a very prosperous area due to the rule of Edo Shogunate. At the edge of Mamedamachi, there are still plenty of historical buildings around, such as old stores, the merchant’s residence Machiya, traditional Japanese architecture Dozou, etc., offering a glimpse into the olden days. There are a lot of tourist attractions and shops around the area, making it a perfect destination for a strolling.

12:00 Lunch --Hita Eel Rice

Enjoy 3 kinds different of deliciousness with Hita Eel Rice

The 1st kind of deliciousness is the flavorful, freshly roasted Japanese Eel rice. The 2nd kind is when you eat the Eel rice with Yuzu Kosho (Citrus Pepper Paste) or Wasabi seasoning. The 3rd kind is Ochazuke infused with Japanese stock. You can taste all three kinds of deliciousness with Hita Eel Rice here. So you better not miss it.

13:30 Ontayakinosato

Cruising the home town of kilns that makes beautiful pottery for daily use

The sound of Dhenki can be heard through-out Ontayakinosato. On the slopes of Mt. Takatsuka, there are about 10 ceramic worshops that produce pottery. “The Father of Folkcraft”, Yanagi Muneyoshi, claimed that Ontayaki boasts “the World’s Best Folkcraft Pottery”. Its beauty combined artistry with practicality, and remains popular to this day.

College Student GroupsThe Best Recommended

Yufuin Sightseeing

10:00 Tsuji-carriage Cruising

Cruising leisurely on a sightseeing Tsuji-carriage through Yufuin

Circling Yufuin on a Tsuji-carriage takes about 60 minutes. Back against Yufudake, the ride starts towards the breezy rural landscape, and then circling through Busan Temple and Unagihime Jinshya, two sacred religious centers that have been worshipped by the local since olden days. You would be experiencing an ancient atmosphere that’s quite different from the touristy and busy Yufuin.

12:00 Yunotsubo Street

Cruising the fun Yunotsubo Street and enjoy food on the way

There are coffee shops, dessert shops, grocery stores, specialty stores, etc., along this 800-meter street that looks out to Yufudake. This is a great spot for fun, food, and searching specialties as souvenir. You could look out for original Yufuin food and souvenir while you take a leisure walk down the street.

The Nearyby Attractions

Hourei Inn is surrounded by magnificent mountains and rich natural scenery.
There are all kinds of unique tourist attractions just within 30km radius, for example, Oguni and Aso Area, Kuju Area, Kokonoe and Kusu Area, Yufuin Area, and Hita Area, etc.